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Jakubus Hotel, Osadkowski Riding Club - www.jakubus.pl- tel. +48 697 203 122 - a.olszewska@kj-osadkowski.pl - 60km from t
city of Wroclaw, 25 min from the highway
Michalowice – 10 min from Cracow. Tel. 0048607797030 - www.kjkszary.pl.
Marstall & Pałac Parkowy w Parnowo - located conveniently in West-Pommerania 15k away from the Baltic Sea and close to
three major competition centres for showjumping Ciekocinko (150km) and eventing Baborowko ( 200km) as well as Zoppot
Riders will find lots of space to relax at Parnowo Manor with 14 rooms for accommodation and 20 stalls for horses at Marstall
Parnowo. Parking-lot for trucks, trailers and transporters available on the premisses. W-Lan, IP-Cameras at the stable and muc
Adress: Pałac Parkowy Parnowo, PL-76-039 Parnowo. Contact: info@easy-rider-world.com, +49(0)160 938 63702.
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