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Stegemans Horsehotel & Country Lodge
Össjö Östergård Ljungby (Town)
Phone :  +46 73 529 06 29 for Danish or Swedish
            +46730797045 for Dutch or English
23 stables
Royal Stable/Lindvreten - address: Bjurfors 50, 77493 Avesta - e-mail: hillsgard@hotmail.com - tel. + 46702182860. Very near
the road 68 in the middle of Sweden is our location. Bjurfors Hotel and Konferans is very near our stable, they have good food
and good accommodation; http://www.bjurforskonferens.se/
Stall Lindgården Horsehotel - Address: Särslövsvägen 25, 212 91 Malmö. More information contact Daniel Åberg:
040980588@telia.com or +46 705980588 Facebook: Stall Lindgården Horsehotel
Name stable/   horsehotel/Lairage: HorseHotel Enegården
Adres: Enegårdsvägen 12 Bjuv Zipcode: 26790
Country: Sweden
Contact person: Omppu Saarinen   Lindberg/ Eero Lindberg
Email: omppu.saarinen@gmail.com Phonenumber: +46728748188
I'm the owner: Yes
Quantity of stables: 10 Pricerange overnight   stabling: €22,50
Nearest main road.:E4 E6Distance from nearest   main road: 10 minutes
Driver facilities   B&B Rooms / B&B: Yes
Wifi: No Breakfast: No Toilet:Yes Shower: Yes
Electricity Truck 240   Volt available: Yes
Parking facilities   truck or trailer: Yes
Extra details: 10 boxes in a separate   stable building. The stable has a wide entrance so there is a possibility to   load the horses directly from the stable. Often even more boxes available in   the main stable so it's good to call us also if you are in need for more than   10 boxes. We have also a training stable so there is a possibility to leave a   horse to us to wait for the next transport. We have a good and professional   care for the horses. There is toilet + shower and free coffee for the   drivers.
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